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List of Softwares/Databases developed by BioComputer

BananaGeneDB: a database curating Banana gene and protein information.

T3DB: an Integrated Database for Bacterial Type III Secretion System.

BPBAac: T3S effector prediction tool based on position-specific amino acid composition features in N-termini.

T3SEpre: a higly effective T3S effector prediction model based on joint features including Aac, Sse and Acc.

RSCP: a software to predict Redox-sensitive cysteines.

RedoxDB: a Database of Redox-Sensitive Cysteines.

PPeri: a high-efficacy plant peroxisome protein prediction tool.

T3SS_DB(developing...): a knowlegdgebase on bacterial type III secretion systems.

BPS Predictor (Beta):an advanced computional model for BPS predicting

PPero:an accuracy computational model for PTS1 type protein predicting